Brine Shrimp World

Brine Shrimp are a fascinating species.  Information about brine shrimp can be difficult to find.  This webpage is designed to give students, teachers, aquariumists, shrimp farmers, and the aquaculture industry a closer look into these tiny little creatures life.

My career has been in the commercial brine shrimp industry.  During the past 15 years I have learned much about the life cycle and biology of brine shrimp as well as harvesting, production and marketing of these small cyst.

Please check the various pages.  I will slowly continue to add content, how-to-videos, pictures, lessons, and news to!

Just in…there is a new Tutorial: Decapsulated Brine Shrimp.  This is a great how-to-video to decap your own brine shrimp eggs at home.  Check it out on the decapsulated brine shrimp page.

I have posted a youtube tutorial to build your own homemade brine shrimp hatchery.  See the Hatching Brine Shrimp page. 

There is also a youtube tutorial for teachers to hatch brine shrimp in the classroom.



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